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Prescription Policy

  • This Prescription Policy applies to individuals who intend to purchase Schedule E(1) proprietary ayurvedic medicines sold under prescription on the BOHECO platform. All medicines containing Vijaya (Bhang) that are intended to be consumed are Schedule E(1) medicines.
  • BOHECO does not sell Schedule E(1) medicines without a supporting prescription issued by a duly qualified and registered practitioner of ayurveda (hereinafter referred to as registered medical practitioner).
  • To make the customer experience smooth and hassle-free, BOHECO has built a form on the cart page of its portal which seeks personal information, details of which will be shared with our registered medical practitioner or telemedicine consultation service provider.
  • BOHECO does not control the outcome or diagnosis given by a registered medical practitioner. All registered medical practitioners are required by law to make an independent assessment of the health of the patient and issue a prescription as per their own professional judgement. By clicking on the link on the BOHECO platform, you consent that the prescription, or a copy of the prescription, will be shared by the registered medical practitioner directly with BOHECO. The personal information contained in the form & the prescription shared with BOHECO will be processed as per BOHECO’s Privacy Policy available at the following link:
  • BOHECO reserves the right to conduct background check of the registered medical practitioner who has generated the prescription. BOHECO reserves the right to validate the prescription. BOHECO may choose to validate the prescription taking into account (i) date of issue (ii) duration of the medication (iii) quantity of medication prescribed. If in the sole opinion of BOHECO, the prescription is not in order, then BOHECO reserves the right to refuse to dispense medicines prescribed under the prescription, without incurring any liability to BOHECO.
  • BOHECO is a seller of ayurvedic medicines. It does not influence the prescription issued by a registered medical practitioner to a patient. It cannot challenge a registered medical practitioner’s professional judgement to prescribe or not prescribe certain medicines. If the registered medical practitioner does not prescribe the specific ayurvedic medicine that the patient has requested, or the specific brand of ayurvedic medicine that the patient has requested, or in such quantity as the patient has requested, then the patient will have to accept the decision of registered medical practitioner. Incase of rejection, the customer has an option to consult with another medical practitioner OR is eligible for a credit note that can be used site wide OR a 100% refund.
  • BOHECO does not make any warranty or guarantee regarding quality, appropriateness or outcome of the consultation given by the registered medical practitioner who offers the online consultation. BOHECO shall not, under any circumstances, be held liable for any deficiency of service including incorrect diagnosis or incorrect treatment prescribed by the registered medical practitioner.
  • There is no obligation to avail consultation service from a registered medical practitioner who is associated with BOHECO to purchase ayurvedic medicines from BOHECO’s platform.
  • In order to process an order for any Schedule E(1) ayurvedic medicine, either the original prescription, or a scan or photograph of the original prescription, that clearly indicates that the patient has been prescribed a Schedule E(1) medicine, will be required by BOHECO. In case the prescription does not clearly indicates that the patient has been prescribed a Schedule E(1) medicine, then BOHECO shall have the right refuse the order without any liability, provided that it refunds any amount that it has collected from the patient against such order within a reasonable time-frame.
  • BOHECO reserves the right to contact the customer during normal working hour via email, telephone or mobile phone that has been shared by the customer.


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