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Cannabis for Muscles:
A Companion for an Active Lifestyle


Having spent the last two years indoors in a pandemic has been a doorway to more than just new world perspectives. It has put additional importance on looking inwards, towards our own body and wellbeing. As health and healing become a core of the new normal life, working out and maintaining an active routine has become an even bigger priority.
At a glance, having a healthy, active lifestyle seems all too simple. But it's more than just doing a few exercises and calling it a day. There is no universal threshold to the intensity of exercises, so while your routine may consist of just a few minutes of walking and a stretch, even that requires your body to have some form of recovery and healing. When paired with a routine packed with power yoga, cardio, high-intensity sets, it can all collectively accumulate stress on the muscles.

Rest Days
Exercising utilizes the body’s stored energy reserve. Too much exercise without a break leads to higher amounts of tissue breakdown, leaving them with no ability or energy to restore themselves. Consistent wear and tear can lead to deeper damage to your skeletal muscles and even long-lasting chronic pain and inflammation.
Rest, or off days are necessary for the body. It is the time when the body works to repair, rebuild and boost itself. Oftentimes there is guilt or hesitation to take rest days when it comes to achieving health goals. But recovery is equally if not more essential to the process of getting fit. After all, a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing are all about maintaining a balanced, optimal state of your body.

Creating a Balance
Apart from giving your body and mind a much-needed break, there are many ways you can help your body in its journey of healing and rejuvenation.
Food is the ultimate fuel for the body. Eating the right foods means giving your body all it needs to carry out its repair. Foods rich in amino acids, antioxidants and protein help give your muscles an extra boost of nourishment and even protect them from further wear and tear.
There is nothing more healing than a massage after a day of intense activity. Massages are a great way to push your body further into the healing process. They help loosen up tight spots while increasing oxygen and blood flow into your muscles. The slow movement helps remove the build-up of lactic acid that is often the cause of intense cramps and soreness. Apart from the relaxing motions, massages also help lessen the tension on your mind and put your body at ease.

A Companion from the Nature
As a never-ending treasure trove of healing gems, nature has a bounty of soothing companions to offer. And from this vast array, there is one ancient herb that has become synonymous with healing and relief like no other “Cannabis”.
Touted as a relaxer, stress buster and mood booster, there are many abilities that Cannabis has been known for. But its most proficient ability is "relief". From pain, inflammation and even stress, it is one versatile antidote that has received nothing but praise throughout Ayurveda, the so-called holy grail of medicine. This traditional herb has been a reliable companion to many when everything else has failed.
And how does this Himalayan healer become your go-to post-workout aid?
The extract of the Cannabis plant’s leaves is packed with cannabinoids that are bursting with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Even when applied topically, just a few drops can replace your regular warming balms and gels, all without stinging or burning your skin.
A soothing solution, blended with Ayurveda’s known healers & Cannabis Leaf Extract, is our ultimate muscle healing oil, “CannaReleaf Muscle Relief”.

A Healer’s Blend
A plant-based formulation inspired by Ayurveda, the CannaReleaf Muscle Relief makes the most of four herb extracts to create a powerful solution that soothes and relaxes your muscles. Cannabis leaf extract in combination with Hemp Seed Oil, Pudina Sattva and Karpur Oil, is an all-in-one solution for lasting relief.
The full spectrum Cannabis Leaf Extract rich in Cannabinoids makes it a powerful aid that helps prevent and even further bolster muscle repair. It works from the inside to relieve the strain and inflammation on your muscles while helping relieve deep knots and cramps.
Packed with menthol, the Pudina Satva helps improve microcirculation within the nerves, lowering signs of intense spasms and pain. It also imparts a gentle cooling effect that can take away the discomfort from sprains and sore muscles.
The blend features another cooling extract of Karpur, which has gentle yet potent soothing capabilities. When paired with this massage oil, its unique properties help create an alternating cooling and warming sensation that aids in relaxing the tension and rigidity in sore muscles.
Brought together, the rich and nourishing Hemp Seed Oil turns this powerfully potent blend into soothing massage oil. With its rich antioxidant content, it makes Muscle Relief super gentle on your skin while helping you relax with its warm, invigorating aroma.
Fortified with a myriad of benefits, it is a lightweight oil that sinks in instantly on application, going deep within to provide relief. Its non-sticky texture makes it the perfect companion to take on the go. A post-workout boost or just a healing way to wind down, it’s a versatile solution for your versatile needs.

For your Body, Mind and Soul
As you work towards building healthy habits, the holistic healers of nature are the most reliable companions to take on this journey. A myriad of versatile abilities, help you rebalance your lifestyles most gently and sustainably.
There is nothing more rejuvenating than the invigorating rush of endorphins after a good workout. It is a feeling that is stimulating and healing at the same time. With so many benefits to reap, it's an inseparable aspect of our well-being routine.
And when you’ve got nature’s healer by your side, there is no hesitation to jump into the next exciting routine.


Written by Shamooda Amrelia - Doorbeen Creatives


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