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Conversations on Hemp Leaf Extract and Beyond: Drishti Candid with Yash Kotak

How Hemp can help our furry friends!
Drishti, Founder of Happy Puppy Organics had a candid conversation with Yash Kotak, Co-Founder & Director of BOHECO. Here are the highlights of the whole conversation.


Yash Kotak: Drishti, are you a dog person, cat person or an animal person?
Drishti: I'm a dog person, without a doubt!
Yash Kotak: What set you off on this journey?
Drishti: I've always been into herbalism and research about natural alternatives. It was when my dog's dermatitis got worse because of commercial chemical-laden products, that I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands and work out natural solutions for pets. 
Yash Kotak: And, what was your experience with entering the pet care market in India?
Drishti: About a year ago people were still apprehensive to organic products that were made in India - especially for pets. With time, they've opened up and are more accepting of homegrown brands. They want the best for their pets and now are willing to do that extra research to find what's best for them. Which is great news for us!
Yash Kotak: Also, hemp is a bold choice to make, what made you take this formula on?
Drishti: My family had been using hemp seed oil for a while and had seen the results first hand. Hemp was also being widely used internationally for its skin and hair healing potential. A couple more months of research, and I knew that this single ingredient would benefit animals just as much as it did humans. And the results I've seen after introducing it, only proves that I was right.
Yash Kotak: When you’re not being a champion for people’s pets, what keeps you going?
Drishti: The customers that reach out to me every day, tell me how they've benefitted by using Happy Puppy Organics' Products, the curiosity to learn more about natural ingredients and formulate better, and lastly, my puppy Chewie who quite literally keeps me on my feet and going.
Yash Kotak: What does the future look like for you?
Drishti: From where I see it, the future looks great! With more people embracing sustainability and looking for natural alternatives, things will only get better from here on.
Yash Kotak: It's time for some rapid fire questions. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Drishti: Telepathy! It would be awesome to communicate with just thoughts - especially with animals.
Yash Kotak: Favourite place to visit in India?
Drishti: This hamlet in Himachal Pradesh is called Pulga. It has its own forest called Fairy Forest. Just wow!
Yash Kotak: If you had a time machine…
Drishti: I'd pay more attention during chemistry classes!
Yash Kotak: How do you get over a creative block?
Drishti: A game of Mortal Kombat or God of War always seems to do the trick!
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