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#GreenChristmas | Celebrations Reinvented - The Guide to a Conscious Christmas

Christmas. The most awaited event of the year. A festival that awakens the inner child within everybody. The slight chill in the weather and the lively festive mood, turn the world into a complete winter wonderland. Countdowns and calendars galore it is a festival for everyone to enjoy.

From the extravagant decorations and long shopping sprees to the elaborately created feasts, people go all out with their preparation to celebrate their biggest and best Christmas every year. With such a large impact as a festival, it’s inevitable just how much effort is taken to prepare for this fiesta.

But in this fantastic celebration of candy-coated goodness and colourful gift wraps, some things often go overlooked. What happens to all the trinkets and treats when the lights go off, and the ornaments are taken down?

While everyone looks forward to decorating and celebrating Christmas, the after-effects of the celebration are something that is quite often never given much thought. Christmas has often been dubbed as “the greatest environmental disaster of the year". Surely, in the long run, all this razzle-dazzle can take a toll on the health of our planet and our bodies. It’s time our favourite festival gets a more sustainable makeover. Small changes that adapt to this wonderful tradition in a whole new way.

This year join BOHECO Life as we celebrate the carnival of Christmas in a way that is more mindful yet wholesome. In the season of giving and caring, take the step to share this sentiment with your body and the earth.  Check out our simple guide to a greener and more conscious Christmas:

Eco Decor

There is no Christmas celebration that is complete without good decoration. Whether you prefer just a few mistletoes here and there or a full production complete with a tree and matching ornaments. Decorations during Christmas are a must.

Keep the spirit and sparkle alive by swapping out disposable plastic décor with more sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Leave the need for traditional invites in the past and go digital with e-invites and e-cards. Let go of purchasing synthetic and plastic trees which are often not recyclable. Get crafty with the family and create your own homemade tree. From old boxes, fabrics, bottles to pieces of leftover scrap at home. Add a personal touch to your decorations with these creations. Ditch the single-use plastic trinkets for more durable and longer-lasting ornaments such as those made of glass, wood or even fabric. You can even DIY some ornaments with old scraps for a more sentimental touch.

The best part about making the shift? You don’t need to dispose of the decorations. Pack them into storage, and they are perfect to light up many more celebrations and Christmases to come.

A new way to wrap

Who doesn’t love unwrapping gifts? Especially the ones that come with big fancy bows. Gifts are another cherished part of the grand celebration that is Christmas. But it is also an aspect that could do with a greener touch.

With so many different materials and recycled paper types, going the eco route means you can enjoy all your fancy wrappings but without harming the environment. Dependable over disposable is the motto when it comes to wrappings. For a more unique gifting experience, you can experiment with fabrics such as jute and hemp. Miraculous multitaskers at their best, they make for more sustainable wrapping options that can even be reused and repurposed in the future.

Check out our eco friendly limited edition Hemp Gift Bag, made with organic cotton and hemp blend fabric, printed from upcycled pigment SOOT in a custom Cannabis Print. 

Platters to delight and nourish

Capping off the fiesta of Christmas celebrations is a good, hearty festive feast. But traditional Christmas feasts are notorious for high calorie, fat and sugar content. While the promise of a healthy diet is often reserved for the following week of new year resolutions, who says you can’t enjoy the delicious treats of the season with a boost of nutritious goodness? In just a few simple ways, you can transform your holiday feast into a hearty, wholesome and healthy meal.

Ditch the deep fryer for oven baking or roasting your dishes. This helps cut down on the unhealthy and excessive grease while keeping all those delicious flavours intact. Add a delectable and healthy twist to classic dishes with superfoods such as dry fruits, chia seeds, hemp hearts or hemp protein powder. Be it hemp powered brownies, chia banana puddings or a side of salad with fresh greens. These foods are packed with nutrition and loads of flavour, giving your meals a boost of health and taste.

For sweet treats, opt for natural sugars such as jaggery, maple syrup and dates. These aren’t just healthier than conventional refined sugar, but also have their own signature flavours and aromas, elevating your desserts to a whole new level.

Enjoy and indulge in your favourite Christmas feasts without any guilt or worry while adding a boost of nutrition in the easiest way.

‘Tis the season to give: We all have our favourite Christmas gifts that we have received over the years. The ones that touched our heart and are cherished for a longer time. Picking out the right memorable gifts during Christmas is one of the biggest challenges.

We have all moved on from the need to purchase single-use, commercial gifts. There are plenty of gifting choices that are eco-friendly, ethical that make for meaningful presents. Support local artisans and creators with gifts from homegrown brands. Fairtrade and artisanal communities, conscious beauty and wellness brands, all make for more personal, mindful yet functional gifts. Vegan candles, perfumes and plant-based nutritional treats are a few more ways in which you can make your Christmas gifts more meaningful.

The season is all about showing kindness and giving back. While sharing gifts with your loved ones, share the joy of the season with small acts of charity and kindness. Share leftovers with the needy, donate unused gifts to shelters, purchase mindfully, and give back to the planet by taking a more conscious route. Don’t buy what you don’t need. Instead, donate to those in need. These are small steps, but they go a long way in creating and celebrating a more mindful and happier Christmas.

Christmas is a special celebration all around the world. But it can be made even more meaningful with the small steps of change that we take. Even the smallest actions can make a large impact. With our mission for a Green Christmas, we hope to create a culture of conscious celebrations that elevate our way of life while treasuring our history and traditions.

By becoming more conscious in the way we celebrate, we can ensure a Christmas that is healthy and memorable for us, but we can also create a future full of greener and safer Christmases for generations to come.

Written by Shamooda Amrelia, Doorbeen Creatives


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