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Hemp Remedies: The gateway to a Plant-based Life

 The increasingly popular topic of shifting to a plant-based lifestyle is often followed by questions about whether it is just another new lifestyle fad. Most trendy diets claim to have instant results and are very short-lived. The switch to a plant-based lifestyle is a lengthy and gradual process where efforts are seen and reaped over the long course of life. It's a lifelong commitment to changing the way you eat, which in turn makes you less prone to cancers and other chronic and lifestyle disorders of the modern era.

With the focus shifting towards health and wellness, many are transitioning towards a more plant-based lifestyle. Supplements, remedies and even plant-based medication are quickly finding their spot-on shelves in local health and fitness stores. The green lifestyle has slowly crept its way into the norm of daily lives. As we see the budding hints of a revolutionary lifestyle change, there is one leafy helper that is making a ground-breaking comeback into mainstream health and fitness. That plant is Hemp.

From its former reputation of being an intoxicant, increasing awareness and education has now made this plant as the number one choice for plant-based lifestyle connoisseurs. Hemp's magical healing and enriching abilities have made transitioning to a plant-based life much more accessible. For almost every nutritional or medical need, there is a plant-based alternative and the super versatile Hemp leaf extract is at the top.

Natural remedies

With a growing need for more holistic remedies in the market, it comes with no surprise that the one plant that has stirred up a storm is Hemp. Throughout history, Hemp leaf extracts healing and remedial properties have been hailed as revolutionary. Ancient medical Sanskrit texts ‘Ayurveda’ has touted Hemp leaf extract as nature's miracle healer.

Hemp is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It can soothe anything from rashes, burns to acne and pigmentation. Many even swear by ingesting Hemp leaf extract for everyday wellness and healing. With an existing endocannabinoid system present in the human body, Hemp's healing abilities are tailor-made for everyday and chronic ailments. Hemp leaf extract can help relieve chronic neuropathic as well as arthritic pain. It can help control muscle spasms as well as reduce joint inflammation and pain.

It does all this and much more without nausea and deadly side effects of commercially popular allopathic treatments. Hemp's miraculous healing properties aren't making a delayed comeback but it is now with an increasing need for a more plant-based holistic life, that hemp can make a reappearance in every house's shelves and cabinets as the go-to fix.

A complete food choice

A common concern for many who switch to a plant-based diet is substituting nutrients, especially proteins. This is where Hemp's nutritional prowess shines most. Hemp boasts itself of being one of the only 'complete' plant proteins. One serving of protein (30g) can provide around 15g of easily digestible protein. This protein-packed hemp is rich in  20 amino acids. What makes it extraordinary is that it comprises all 9 essential amino acids, making it the only other source to provide the full range of essential amino acids aside from animal meat.

Hemp is also very rich in edestin protein which is crucial for the immune system's function. Aside from being a protein powerhouse, hemp is chock full of other vital nutrients. Known for keeping cholesterol, heart function, and skin health in check, fatty acids are another key nutrient found in hemp. In fact, hemp actually consists of the 3:1 golden ratio of omega 6 and Omega 3 which is optimal for our bodies.

Hemp is also jam-packed of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E as well as Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium. Rest assured, adding hemp to your diet will definitely ensure a steady and balanced dose of nutrients.

Hemp can be easily incorporated into any meal. Shelled hemp hearts make for a nutty and crunchy garnish for smoothies, curries, and salads while the nutty coarse hemp seed powder adds a healthy boost to any dough and drink alike. Even as a liquid, the light, and slightly viscous hemp seed oil is a great addition to the kitchen. From salad dressings to body massage, the multi-purpose hemp seed oil is a must-have for plant lovers.

Benefits beyond the plate

Aside from its impressive track record as a nutritional supplement, there is more to hemp than just being a trendy superfood. The hemp plant is one of the most environmentally friendly and gifted plants ever known. A regenerative plant, its cultivation helps improve the quality and fertility of the soil. It requires very little upkeep in terms of pesticides or fertilizers. 

It generates very little waste as almost the entire plant can yield multiple by-products. From hemp fiber, hemp concrete, biodegradable plastic, and more, hemp fibers are the lightest as well as the strongest fibers you will find. These fibers help create lightweight, breathable, and utility fabrics and garments. Hemp-based apparel can hence bear more wear and tear than other fabrics making it an ideal choice for vegans and other green enthusiasts.

An environmentally conscious and nutritionally superior plant, time and again hemp proves its worth as the botanical gift of nature. 

At BOHECO Life our mission is not just your good health, but your Wellbeing at every step. With the power of the multi-faceted plant hemp, we want to make the hassle of going plant-based a much easier and happier journey. Whether you have belief in the leaf or no, the verdict is out.

Hemp is on its way to lead the green revolution of the decade.

 Written by Shamooda Amrelia, Doorbeen Creatives


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