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Hemp Seed Powder: A health booster

 Diet and nutrition have always been at the epicenter of the ever-changing wave of lifestyle trends. Over the years, more and more people find themselves gravitating towards a whole food and plant-based diet. The motive is simple, it caters to a wide variety of nutritional needs while maintaining a healthy body and a healthy planet.

The biggest dilemma that arises while making this healthy switch is reworking the balance of daily nutritional requirements, especially for essential nutrients such as protein. The right plant-based protein is what everyone looks for when beginning their foray into the world of plant-based nutrition. Here’s where HEMP SEED POWDER paves its way!

This rich powder makes adding wholesome food choices to your diet a fun and easy task. A powerful health blend that is super accessible and convenient, and can be added to your diet without completely altering your everyday habits and meal plans.

The way Hemp Seed Powder is created is just another testament to the versatility of hemp seeds. The seeds from the hemp plant are cold-pressed to extract its multi-beneficial oil, leaving behind fiber rich hemp seed meal. This hemp seed meal is further refined and milled to create what we know as Hemp Seed Powder.

The abundance of benefits
This versatile powder is a COMPLETE PROTEIN and a treat to your healthy living. It is one of nature’s most abundant nutritional resources that provides you with a blend that contains all of the 9 essential amino acids our body requires. The powder has the highest amount of Edestin (65%) that no other plant-based protein procures. Our enzymes, hormones, and antibodies are all made of this globular protein that supports strong immunity. Alongside, Albumin Protein (35%) present in this powder makes it the perfect supplement for your daily nutritional requirements.
In the age where our immunity holds the highest importance, hemp seed powder fortifies our immune system with the help of its mineral-rich content like zinc, iron, potassium, and calcium to help fight foreign bacteria. While magnesium acts as a neurotransmitter that reduces stress and anxiety and regulates brain functions. This powder is also rich in vitamin E & B-complex that further balances your body’s smooth functioning.
But that’s not it, the fibers present in it aids you to feel fuller for longer. Research has shown that this helps curb your frequent hunger cravings. Hemp is rich in fibers that feed and aid the gut microbes to thrive and help in better digestion. The soluble fibers (20%) in it, reduce the uncalled rise of blood sugar and control cholesterol levels. While the insoluble fibers (80%) add bulk and help the toxins pass through your gut.
Hemp seed powder even consists of the 3:1 golden ratio of omega 3 to Omega 6 which is optimal for our bodies to reduce blood pressure and overall risks of our survival system. Plus it adds to healthy skin, hair, and bones.


A blend for all

Popular protein supplements like Whey consist of extracts from dairy or nuts that can lead to bloating and gassiness. Hemp Seed power being plant-based is the perfect all-round substitute that is dairy and gluten-free.
This unprocessed completely raw and natural protein transports an abundance of health in every meal. While most protein powders often stay specific to your milkshakes and smoothies. The benefits of hemp powder can be amalgamated into your breakfast platters and dinner feasts.
No other protein can make it to your family meals the way hemp does. Its nutritional benefits can be added to a multitude of dishes. Its nutty and earthy flavour simply blends with every food type and can be served to all age groups. It is a whole food source and its neutral and hypoallergenic nature make it a powerful blend for all.

The uncompressed boost of energy
A good breakfast is vital to a fresh start for the day. And what better to add a nutritional boost to it with none other than hemp seed powder. From your pancakes to a hot oatmeal bowl this protein enriches your day with filling spoons of strength. Or for a quick morning boost, simply blend it into your smoothies, upma, vegetable dalia or any batter.

And if you like your lunch to be as powerful, this protein powder perfectly thickens your afternoon soup or vegetable stew with an added warmth of its nutty flavor. The flour-like texture and velvety consistency make it a go-to supplement for daily parathas and chapati dough. You can replace 25% of your flour with hemp seed powder and add a healthy boost to your daily grain blends. You can even make your breads or lavash protein-rich by adding a couple of scoops of hemp seed powder. Its warmth also makes it a perfect fit for cutlet or patty mixes, or even for laddoos and energy bars.

This wholesome powder makes a great addition to your little one's meal as well. You can scoop it in their early morning bowl of porridge for a boost of earthy energy. And even add it to the dessert batters of muffins, cakes and cookies, for an additional kick of health and flavor.

With its rich nutritional profile, hemp seed powder in your diet plan allows you to embrace hemp as a divine solution for your daily wellbeing.


Written by Shruti Bhosale, Edited by Shamooda Amrelia - Doorbeen Creatives


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