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Nature's HEMPeccable Solution:
The Holistic Way to Skin-Care with Hemp

Wellbeing is a concept that is far more extensive than many of us believe. It is a way of life that goes beyond just fresh food and a fit body. With so much to do and accomplish in a day, many times we neglect the small yet important aspects of our wellbeing. And more often than not, it’s the wellbeing of our skin.

The largest organ of our body, one that protects and shelters our vital organs, and is constantly exposed to the harsh environment. It is the wellbeing of this essential part of our body that we forget to pay extra attention to. With all the stress it undergoes, it requires regular care to mitigate environmental harm and wear & tear.

The inseparable step of wellbeing
Until a few years ago, skincare was merely considered a matter of vanity. It was just an aspect of hygiene and grooming which included cleansing and replenishing moisture. But today, it’s been clubbed as a major part of a holistic wellness routine. It’s not merely a chore, but a process to indulge in, as a therapeutic step at the end of the day.

This “skincare is self-care” philosophy isn't just a modern trend. Ayurveda suggests, looking after the health of your skin is the foundation of self-love for your mind, body, and soul. Your skin is the vital gateway for your body to experience the world around you. And the gentler this process is, the more benefits are to uncover, which in turn boost your wellbeing too.

But with countless products out there claiming to be the best, how do you choose the right one? When it comes to the confusing and endless array of "hard to achieve" skincare routines, nature is the best companion to rely on. One such gem of nature comes from the ancient texts of Atharvaveda & its ‘five sacred plants. The multifunctional, inside-out healer - Hemp.

The hidden magic of the seeds
The heart of the Cannabis Sativa Plant i.e its seeds is one of the richest sources of nutrition. For years, in Ayurvedic philosophies, hemp seeds have been consumed raw or blended into powders as regular protein boosters. On top of that, this power-packed superfood works wonders as a topical solution for healthy and balanced skin.

Cold-pressed and refined, the super velvety Hemp Seed Oil is an elixir to behold. From your tresses to your toes, this lightweight oil can elevate your daily routines and self-care days.

Rich in antioxidants, essential vitamins, and fatty acids, this oil goes deep within to help revive and nourish even the driest parched skin. Antioxidants like gamma-linolenic acid lower the likelihood of developing age-related dryness, wrinkles, and premature ageing. While omega-6 helps fight the inflammation of dry & itchy skin. With its soothing nature, it is a great antidote to help repair sunburn, rashes, and sensitivity all over the body. The easy to blend nature of Hemp Seed oil can be integrated into your regular skincare to even treat persistent irritation and dryness.

The indulging, earthy aroma is a perfect companion for your spa days to relax and rejuvenate for soft and soothing skin. The aromas work to calm your muscles and stress to give you the much-needed break.
The leafy companion of health benefits
While the seeds of the Hemp Plant are highly nourishing, this versatile healer is your skin’s handyman in many more ways. The seeds focus more on hydration and nourishment, the medicinal profile of the leaf extracts is loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and calming properties. Cannabis extract derived from the leaves has been a prominent medicinal solution throughout centuries.

Cemented in remedies of Ayurveda, the full spectrum leaf extract is a wonderful antidote for several severe chronic skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and inflammatory acne. The antioxidants in it work to provide much-needed soothing to the skin while helping heal & strengthen your skin from within. When paired with a nourishing base such as coconut oil or cream, this healing blend is a great everyday elixir to keep signs and symptoms of redness, irritation, and sun damage at bay.

Healthy Skin is in
Being the largest organ of our body and the first line of defence, looking after our skin’s health is integral to our body’s complete wellbeing. Like the conscious care taken to plan, prepare and construct healthy diets for our body, an effort in the same vein must be put on the wellness of our skin.
The perception and habits around skincare have evolved. From vanity to essential, it is now rooted in the structure of everyday wellbeing.
In the ever-growing list of superfoods for your skin, it is time plant-powered remedies for healthier skin receive the much-deserved attention. And Hemp definitely steals the show, when it comes to healing and nourishing skin.

Written by Shruti Bhosale, Edited by Shamooda Amrelia - Doorbeen Creatives


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