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Surviving COVID-19

An all-natural holistic guide to staying healthy and fit from home

Ever since the news of the coronavirus spreading worldwide hit international news, the past few months were a flurry of news, updates, chaos, and eventually worldwide lockdowns. As we near the 2-month mark of a Government of India -employed nationwide lockdown, it’s time we begin to look for methods to make the most of our health at home during this time.

Good immunity and health are of utmost importance right now. There is plenty of talk on the internet about healthy diets and meals during the quarantine. But the result is an endless sea of confusing and often misleading tips and remedies. In such conditions, natural plant-powered wellness proves to be the safest and most reliable method to fall back on. With our history and traditions full of natural holistic remedies, now is the time to take advantage of these for our health and wellbeing. Even the Ministry of Ayush has been at the forefront of providing a comprehensive guide on natural at-home remedies inspired by the principles of Ayurveda.

We at BOHECO Life too believe in wellness through the power of nature and so we came up with effortless, affordable, and reliable remedies to build immunity and good health from home.

Keeping it simple

The lockdown has resulted in limited access to many services and ingredients, which is even more reason to seek the help of natural home-based remedies. However, good immunity cannot be found at the base of a fancy meal. A simple staple diet serves perfectly well to provide the required essential nutrients. House essentials of grains, teas, and spices are easily accessible, affordable and can form the base of multiple immunity-boosting recipes. Homemade meals provide the right balance of all vital nutrients without making a hole in your budget.

Power up with powerhouse grains

Balanced home-cooked meals make for a simple and effective menu of an immunity enhancing diet. But what can further elevate these meals is the addition of some very healthy and nutritious grains and seeds. An added advantage is that these are as versatile as they come. Sprinkled, crushed, or blended they pair well with any dish and any cuisine. Packed with vital micronutrients, an assortment of oats, hemp hearts, chia, flax, and other seeds are an added layer of essentials that help build stronger immunity.

Spice it up

If the simple meals of lentils, rice, and vegetables start to seem monotonous, you can easily switch up the taste and add an instant boost of immunity with spices. A default in many Indian kitchens, spices are known to have healing and immunity-boosting properties. These can be easily added to the meal either in ground form or through tempering (tadka) as done often in Indian cuisine. Spices like cloves, garlic, carom seed (ajwain), cumin seeds (jeera) and chillies have several healing properties as well pack a flavourful punch.

Healthy homemade potions 

One of the easiest ways to incorporate immunity-enhancing ingredients into a diet is through teas. This is a multi-purpose house staple that adapts to and enhances any ingredient added to it with a delicious taste and aroma to boot. The everyday cuppa can be upgraded by adding in ginger, lemongrass, honey, black peppercorns, cinnamon, tulsi, and even neem leaves. The anti-inflammatory healing properties of these ingredients in your tea form some simple yet effective immunity beverages. Another great health drink is turmeric milk. Dubbed as the ‘golden drink’ it has been a tried and tested healing beverage for years. An even healthier alternative would be opting for nut milk such as almond milk or plant milk such as hemp milk instead of regular milk.

H2O is the way to go 

What forms the most essential and primary part of any healthy diet is water. With the temperature rising it is even more important to keep the body’s water level up and there are plenty of creative ways to do that. A few slices of lemon, mint, and cucumber can take the plain glass of water and turn it into a super healthy and delicious drink. Add in hearty servings of melons and cucumbers that are chock full of not just water but some essential vitamins and minerals.

Fit from the inside and outside 

With the lockdown, we do feel as though we are stuck within the four walls of their houses, missing gym appointments, and daily runs in the park. But it is easy to make up for the missing physical exercise at home. External fitness significantly contributes to the optimal functioning of the body and in turn the immunity. There are plenty of online sessions and classes to join for at-home workouts. From Pilates to aerobics there is something for everyone. Even a few minutes of yoga every day can improve breathing as well as body function.

Healthy body and mind

We at BOHECO Life believe that a healthier mind contributes to a healthier body. But with current events, there has been a seismic shift in everyone’s minds and emotions. As news and events progress, it often feels difficult to stay optimistic and get shrouded in a cloud of anxiety and stress. But there is always a silver lining. Daily meditation and mindfulness can help achieve calmness. Plug off from news and other media occasionally to avoid pondering over the constant barrage of negative news. Indulge in simple activities and hobbies that will not just help you achieve mental peace but also contribute to your daily productivity.

Communication is key 

Social distancing can increase feelings of isolation and depression. But with the internet, there are numerous ways to connect virtually and stay in touch. Communicate regularly with your friends and family. Check up on loved ones who might be more at risk mentally during this time. A positive mindset and healthy communication are important aspects of maintaining wellness through pandemic and lockdown.

Holistic plant-based remedies are more beneficial. Because when practised regularly, these don't just improve health now but increase the quality of life and even the planet in the long run. With the third lockdown in motion, it is necessary for us to voluntarily take steps to improve our health. As the government protects the civil borders, we must take measures to protect our first line of defence that is our body and immunity. It is only through encouragement and cooperation can we help, heal, and flatten the curve to a healthier horizon.


Written by Shamooda Amrelia, Doorbeen Creatives


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