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"It's natural unprocessed protein and keeps my body clean from inside."
- Sahil Able Gardner

It's natural unprocessed protein and keeps my body clean from inside.- Sahil Able Gardner

Name: Sahil Able Gardner

Profession: UX designer/ fitness Coach

Social handle: @sahilgardner

His Hemp Story: I had been jumping between work and workouts and wanted a source of protein I could consume fast. I didn't want to take the processed proteins available in the market and wanted something natural as I try keeping my body as clean as possible and wanted to reduce my dairy intake as well as I'm on my way to a vegan lifestyle. I had read about hemp protein but had never really had an opportunity to try any and one day my girlfriend surprised me with a BOHECO. I was so excited to try it that I instantly opened the pack to try some. It takes a while to get used to the flavour but considering the amount it helps I would be completely fine with the taste. I feel it is worth it, as I feel it's a superfood.


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