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Zoom Ultimate Plant Protein - Pack of 2 - 490g x 2
Zoom Ultimate Plant Protein - Pack of 2 - 490g x 2
Zoom Ultimate Plant Protein - Pack of 2 - 490g x 2
Zoom Ultimate Plant Protein - Pack of 2 - 490g x 2
Zoom Ultimate Plant Protein - Pack of 2 - 490g x 2
Zoom Ultimate Plant Protein - Pack of 2 - 490g x 2
Zoom Ultimate Plant Protein - Pack of 2 - 490g x 2

Ultimate Plant Protein New!
Blended Hemp Protein Powder
980 g

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Ultimate Plant Protein — a game-changer in plant-based nutrition. This revolutionary blend combines Hemp, Pea, and Brown Rice proteins, meticulously chosen for their unparalleled nutritional profiles. It's a powerhouse of plant-based goodness, designed to elevate your wellness game to new heights. With every scoop, you're not just consuming protein; you're investing in a testament of purity and performance.

Packed with 23.8g of protein per serving, Ultimate Plant Protein provides a comprehensive amino acid profile essential for muscle repair, recovery, and growth. The inclusion of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) — leucine, isoleucine, and valine — reduces exercise fatigue and accelerates recovery. Each serving is a step towards achieving your fitness goals, supporting you in building lean muscles and enhancing your workout performance.

But it's not just about muscle. The addition of DigeZyme®, a blend of five digestive enzymes, ensures smooth digestion, addressing common protein supplementation issues like bloating and discomfort. Ultimate Plant Protein is tailored for those embracing an active lifestyle with a plant-based diet, offering a balanced blend that's as focused on your health as you are. Dive into a blend that's not just good for you but also kind to the planet, making it an essential component of any wellness regimen.

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Ultimate Plant Protein optimises post-workout recovery with its highly digestible Hemp protein—up to 98% digestible—allowing the body to utilise nearly all its amino acids for repair and maintenance, crucial after strenuous workouts. Its rich fibre content further supports the cleansing of the colon, easing constipation and detoxifying the body, while its blend of Hemp and Pea proteins aids in maintaining energy, supporting muscle and bone health, and enhancing nutrient absorption. All together facilitating a comprehensive recovery process.

Engineered for lean muscle growth, our formula boasts a rich profile of BCAAs - leucine, isoleucine, and valine - essential for protein synthesis and muscle repair. With 6.8% leucine, 4.5% isoleucine, and 5.6% valine, it mirrors the BCAA composition found in natural sources, amplifying muscle growth and reducing recovery time. Pea protein enhances the blend with a vital iron-rich profile, promoting further muscle development, weight management, and cardiovascular health.

Digestive comfort is key to our formula, incorporating DigeZyme®, a patented enzyme blend that optimises the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. This proprietary enzyme blend, including α-amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase, and lipase, optimises the breakdown and absorption of plant-based proteins, minimising common protein-related discomforts such as bloating and gas ensuring that your body benefits from every gram of protein ingested. Proven to alleviate exercise-induced DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), DigeZyme® enhances the protein's effectiveness, making Ultimate Plant Protein a superior choice for digestion and recovery.
Edestin, found in Hemp Seeds, helps with enhanced bioavailability, by improving your body’s protein absorption without being heavy on your gut.


Hemp Protein, Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein,
Cocoa Powder, High Oleic Sunflower Fat Oil Powder,
DigeZyme® (α-Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase).

Mix 1 serving (35 g approx.) with 200 mL of water.

To be stored in an airtight container in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

A Deeper Dive:
BCAA & DigeZyme®

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs):
Central to muscle health, BCAAs - leucine, isoleucine, and valine - represent a crucial subset of the nine essential amino acids necessary for optimal muscle protein synthesis. Scientifically, BCAAs are unique in their metabolic pathway; they are metabolised directly in the muscle rather than in the liver, providing immediate nutrients for muscle repair and growth. This direct feeding of muscles post-exercise not only supports rapid recovery and growth but also significantly reduces muscle soreness and fatigue. The specific ratios of these amino acids in Ultimate Plant Protein are designed to match the optimal levels needed for these critical metabolic processes, enhancing the body's ability to repair itself after strenuous activities. In conjunction with the plant-based protein blend, BCAAs work synergistically to ensure maximum nutritional benefit, promoting a state of muscle health and recovery that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Focusing on the importance of nutrient absorption, DigeZyme® is a meticulously engineered blend of five specific enzymes: α-amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, and lactase. Each enzyme plays a pivotal role in breaking down various components of the diet - proteins into peptides and amino acids, carbohydrates into simpler sugars, and fats into fatty acids and glycerol - facilitating a smooth and efficient digestive process. The presence of DigeZyme® in Ultimate Plant Protein addresses the common challenge of protein digestion, enhancing the body's ability to utilize the high-quality proteins provided. This scientific approach to improving digestive health and efficiency ensures that the comprehensive amino acid profile of the protein is fully available for the body's muscle-building and repair needs. Together with the protein blend, DigeZyme® ensures that each serving of Ultimate Plant Protein is not just absorbed but utilised to its fullest potential, creating an optimal environment for muscle growth and overall health.

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